Outgoing mail server for ATC customer using AT&T connection

Outgoing Mail Server Information for ATC email customer using AT&T outgoing Mail Server
Some customers are in need of the settings for the AT&T outgoing mail server settings to send out

This is for Outlook 2007 and the basic can be used for most email setup.

• Please enter the following information for the Outgoing Mail Server.
o Go to the email setting of the email program you are using.

 Outlook : tools-account settings-New---POP3 (for Account Type)
1. Enter your name, email address & password
2. Select at the bottom to manually configure server settings … click Next.
3. Select Internet E-mail, and click Next.
4. Enter your name and full email address.
5. Enter your username and password; select remember password.
6. Click More Settings
7. Click Outgoing Server tab.
8. Select My Outgoing server(SMTP)requires authenication,
9. Use same settings as Incoming server.
10. Select the Advance tab.
11. Next to Outgoing Server; which is name: mail.accessatc.net
type 465 (this server requires an encrypted connection SSL).
12. Click OK
13. Click Next, and then click Finish